Teacher Training Program Admission Process

Teacher Training students will have the benefit of training alongside the Professional Division to ensure the maintenance of their personal skill. In the first year of training, the students will need to complete the Cecchetti Intermediate major examination (if not already completed) and/or the Advanced 1 major examination. The second year of training will focus the in-depth practical teaching skills necessary for the Cecchetti Associate or Licentiate examination. Successful students will graduate with a Teacher Training Diploma from Alberta Ballet School. Accreditation will be attained by those who pass the Cecchetti Associate exam.

To be considered for the Teacher Training program , interested students will participate in an interview and an artistic audition. Non-local students can submit a video audition and complete a phone interview.

Please see Video Audition requirements below.

Successful applicants will receive an Alberta Ballet School registration package to complete and return in addition to the official Teacher Training Program Handbook.

Teacher Training applicants are required to be over the age of 17 years and graduated from high school (or a similar international designation). International applicants require a valid passport, study permit and if under the age of 18, a Custodian Declaration Form in addition to a completed ELL Assessment Form (included in the Registration Package).

Video Audition Requirements

Grade 10+, Post-Graduate, Trainee, Teacher Training

Video with exercises being short and simple lasting no longer than five minutes, including:


  • Pliés
  • Battement tendus
  • Adage
  • Grand battements


  • Centre Practice
  • Adage
  • Pirouettes
  • Petit allegro (including assemblés and jetés)
  • Grand allegro (including sissonnes & big jumps)

We accept audition videos throughout the year, however all audition applicants must attend Summer Intensive or coordinate a 2 week extended audition with the Admissions office to be considered for the Full Year.

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