Health & Wellness

Students’ physical and mental health is of the utmost importance in meeting the demands of professional training and ensuring each student is performing at their optimum. Alberta Ballet School provides on-site physiotherapy services in addition to access to other support services such as nutritional and sport psychological care. Students, wellness staff and faculty work in tandem to ensure diagnosis, prognosis, recovery requirements and estimated timeline for return are clearly understood and respected.

Physical Health

Access to our on-site Physiotherapist is included in your tuition at Alberta Ballet School which ensures our students have dedicated access to preventative and rehabilitation programs imperative to maintaining the physical health a body requires to dance at an elite level. Alberta Ballet School encourages students to seek the assistance of our health professionals upon first sign of discomfort promoting an environment where physical health and wellness is a priority.

Performance Psychologist

The focus of performance psychology is helping students effectively manage themselves so they can be their mental and physical best everyday. At Alberta Ballet School Dr. Natasha Kutlesa, R.Psych, collaborates closely with our students, as well as mentors our faculty, to ensure our students and the school environment as a whole is built for success.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical part of a dancer’s life. The choices made every day about what and how much to eat are amplified when those choices directly impact performance, training, and recovery. Alberta Ballet School Board Certified Sports Dietician Kim Wagner Jones consults with, and educates, both students and staff on nutrition and positive eating habits. Kim also consults with our Residence Team and third party suppliers to design meal plans for our Residence Program participants.

Dance Science Study

Alberta Ballet Dance Science Partnership highlights the science behind ballet. In this partnership, Alberta Ballet School's pre-professional training benefits from the research undertaken by University of Calgary’s Department of Kinesiology. The goal of the partnership is to help support students in their pursuit of longer, healthier careers on stage.