International Affiliates Program

Alberta Ballet School's International Affiliate Program is a virtual program allowing students from around the world to stay connected to the School, our Faculty and our Professional Division Ballet Program.

The 2021-2022 program has being offered to a select group of students who have expressed interest in training at our school in the future through our auditions and Summer Intensive Programming.

Students join us online every month for 1.5 hours of live-virtual ballet class allowing them to strengthen their technique and refine their skills. Students also gain access to our exclusive Virtual Training Platform (VTP).

This platform is designed to supplement your virtual training and allow you to focus on fundamentals of ballet training. Each module will focus on a specific area to give you a deeper understanding of key elements that will improve your technique and artistry. The four sections that you will view modules in are:

Section: Posture, Placement and Body Awareness

Section 2: Ballet Fundamentals

Section 3: Curriculum Studies

Section 4: Music and Ballet Theory

We encourage participants to view each module several times over the course of training, ensuring you follow along with any instruction given by the teacher (instructions is in English) Modules such as the Body Conditioning and Strength Sequences will guide you through demonstrations of exercises and stretches that can be done safely either at home or in the studio to improve core strength, flexibility, and stability.

New, progressive modules will be added throughout the Affiliates Program so be sure to log on regularity to view the new content. Once the videos are uploaded they will remain accessible for the duration of your program. We encourage participants to take notes for future reference after their program has ended.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the VTP, including an introductory video.

To be considered for the International Affiliates Program - contact