Admissions & Auditions


Admission to Alberta Ballet School's Professional Division Grade 7 - 12 programs is by artistic audition via our international audition tour, video or in person in Calgary.

Auditions for our Post-Graduate and Alberta Ballet Trainee program will be in conjunction with Alberta Ballet Company and held at a later date.

A successful audition invites students to attend our Summer Intensive program held annually each July in Calgary, Alberta.

Participation in the Summer Intensive allows artistic faculty the ability to assess how a student performs in class, reacts to corrections and adapts to the Professional Division environment.

After Summer Intensive, students and families will be notified of their acceptance status to the full-year Professional Division programs. Upon acceptance, a formal response by the student is required in order to officially register him/her for the program. At this time, students will receive an Alberta Ballet School registration package to complete and return in addition to the official student handbook.


Alberta Ballet School toured cities across Canada late 2019 and early 2020, however auditions via video are still accepted. Please see the link below on details on how to submit your video for consideration.


If you cannot attend an in person audition, please submit a video link. In person is always preferred. While in person auditions are also preferred, we do look at each video individually and with great care. All material submitted becomes the property of Alberta Ballet School. The School is not responsible for lost or damaged materials.

Please note: all barre work should be filmed diagonally to the dancer at the barre, one side only. Centre work should be filmed from the centre front of the studio.