Youth Classes + Programs Ages 6-11

Recreational Classes

These fun and interactive classes are designed for ages 6 and up, with no experience required. Students will have the choice to attend classes 1 – 2 times per week in varying styles of dance including ballet and jazz. These classes are ideal for those with little to no experience, looking to feel the joy and benefits of dance or to supplement their other extracurricular activities.

Youth Recreational Classes

Enrichment Program

This welcoming and more comprehensive program is designed for students ages 6 and up who are passionate about dance and wish to participate in multiple ballet and dance classes per week. Enrichment Program students are able to customize their program, adding additional classes to the base program creating an adaptable level of intensity to suit their goals. We recommend contacting us prior to registration to ensure we can find the level and program that is best for you.

Youth Enrichment Program