Preparation for Professional Division

This program is a unique, invitation only program designed for young dancers who are considering pursuing professional ballet training. In the one or two years of the program students begin developing the level of technique and artistry required to pursue professional studies and potentially a professional career in ballet. This program follows the Alberta Ballet School Professional Division curriculum that was carefully designed by our Director, Ashley McNeil; Artistic Advisor, Diane Van Schoor; and other Professional Division faculty members.

The Preparation for Professional Division program is suitable for students entering academic Grades 5 & 6.

Many children begin taking dance lessons at a young age. In these early years classes will focus on pre-ballet, eurythmic and creative movement. This benefits young children as it develops coordination, gross and fine motor and language skills and promotes physicality. It is not until ages 8 to 10 when young bodies are ready to begin more formal, classical ballet training. This is a vital stage for those contemplating pursuing dance at a professional level as it allows the students to learn the fundamentals of classical technique from the beginning and ensures their bodies are trained correctly and safely.

Upon completion of the Preparation for Professional Division, students can be accepted into the full-time Professional Division Program to continue pursuing their professional training while completing their academic studies. Both artistic and academic training takes place at the Calgary location. For students wishing to continue their passion for dance without entering the professional program can enter into our Intensive Training Program to continue high level training with eventual access to our High School Credit Program where they can receive high school credits for the time they spend training in the studios.

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