Professional Division Grade 7 - 12 Tuition & Funding

Tuition for Grade 7-12 at Alberta Ballet School includes full academic and artistic programming from September - June annually. Tuition noted does not include uniform, school supplies or school activity fee. Please contact our Admissions Department for Program and Residence Program Tuition at

Alberta Ballet School offers talent based scholarships to outstanding dance students in the Professional Division. Additionally, there are additional scholarships awarded on a combination of aptitude, deportment and financial need. Such applications are due prior to May 1 of each year and are evaluated by our third-party financial service, Apple Financial. To start the application process, visit: To find out more about our scholarships, please contact Please note the School does not award funding for Summer Intensives. The Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada offers numerous grants for tuition assistance for Canadian students.

Academic School Division Fee Transfers – Canadian Students

School Boards in each Canadian province receive funding from their provincial government to educate the students in their district. Some students from outside the province of Alberta may qualify for a transfer of funds from their home School Board. Parents can send a letter to the Superintendent of Schools for their child’s home School Board requesting a transfer of funds. This letter should include a description of the student’s talents and goals and why they wish to leave the province for their education. (i.e.: There is no similar facility within your province; therefore, you have decided to send her/him to Alberta for specialized training and education.) We suggest you also include a description of Alberta Ballet School expenses such as tuition, uniform, Residence Program (if applicable), etc. The earlier your requests are submitted, the greater the chance to receive funds.

Admissions & Auditions

Admission to Alberta Ballet School is by artistic audition via our audition tour, video or in person.