Professional Division Grade 7 - 12 Admission Process

Students interested in auditioning for the Professional Division Grades 7-12 at Alberta Ballet School attend our Summer Intensive program held annually in July. Participation in the Summer Intensive allows artistic faculty the ability to assess how a student performs in class, reacts to corrections and adapts to the Professional Division environment.

A refundable fee of $250.00 is required to secure a student’s admission into the Professional Division. Successful auditions will see the deposit automatically applied to the student’s first year tuition, and a full refund will be issued for an unsuccessful audition.

In addition to the deposit, Alberta Ballet School also requires students to submit their most recent academic report cards to ensure appropriate academic programming and support services, if required, will be available to the student upon enrollment. After Summer Intensive, students and families will be notified of their acceptance status to the full-year Professional Division program. Upon acceptance, a formal response by the student is required in order to officially register him/her for the program. At this time, students will receive an Alberta Ballet School registration package to complete and return in addition to the official student handbook.

Early acceptance to our full-year Grade 7-12 Professional Division Program OR acceptance without attending Summer Intensive can be granted by video audition. Please see the requirements for your audition video below.

Application requires:

  • report card transcripts
  • letter of reference
  • dance resume
  • $250.00 deposit

Qualified applicants will notified and booked for a second virtual audition. All applicants will be notified of acceptance by end of May. Placement is NOT guaranteed until until registration into the Professional Division Program.

Please email to learn how you can apply for early acceptance.

Admissions & Auditions

Admission to Alberta Ballet School is by artistic audition via our international audition tour, video or in person.