Virtual Training Program

We know how important it is to keep students connected to their training and to support their access to the art form they love. We also know it’s responsible to plan for future COVID-19 waves that could close our studios again. We are planning to return to our studios in September but are preparing flexible options, understanding that studio training may be interrupted again due to COVID19 concerns. Many of you have reached out with questions about the upcoming training year, and we’d like to update you about our contingency plans for 2020/21.

If we face another period of closure Alberta Ballet School has created a Virtual Training Program. This program is based on Alberta Ballet School’s unique artistic curriculum and will be a key resource for your child.

This program is a series of pre-recorded modules accompanied by a schedule of live-streamed classes. Together, these elements will help your child continue to pursue their passion for dance, even through these uncertain times.

The schedule of live online classes will allow students to connect with their peers and their teacher and obtain real-time instruction, feedback and correction. The pre-recorded modules have been designed to help your child train at home safely and effectively. Some of the considerations we saw as key to engaging students in their self-directed training include:

• Concentrated tutorials to guide students through dance fundamentals, including core strengthening, flexibility, posture, alignment, technical execution, music theory, dance history.

• Tutorials are level-specific so that the guidance suits your child’s current ability and specific curriculum outcomes.

• Tutorials are hosted by Alberta Ballet School faculty and other leading dance experts and colleagues from around the world.

• Demonstrations are modeled by Alberta Ballet Company dancers (where you’ll also find some Alberta Ballet School alumni!)

• These skills showcased in the modules were selected specifically because these are the right exercises for students to develop in a home environment.

Our teachers are deeply knowledgeable, hold international accreditation and have had extensive careers in performance. Their incredible insight, combined with our curriculum, is what makes the Virtual Training Program stand apart from other online offerings. We hope it’s also a way to continue to inspire and encourage your child.

Although we hope next year proceeds without interruption, we’re confident that the Virtual Training Program will serve our students well.